Episode 20: Suffering: Redemption Through Pain

When we are going through suffering, there are things God is redeeming within us that have an eternal purpose.  Seeing the power of God work through our lives has a personal redemptive impact, but it can also be a testimony that advances the kingdom, and it serves to glorify God by manifesting His essence. 

II Corinthians 4:17

Episode 19: Suffering: Does it Come with Instructions?

When we suffer, we need to know God is aware of our pain and He even feels our pain. God wants us to not isolate ourselves in our suffering, but to share our pain with others who love and care about us. So, we suffer with Jesus, we suffer with others, and, we suffer with hope…hope that death has no victory and we have the promise of eternal life. It’s important, too, to realize one of our most vulnerable times spiritually is when we are suffering: doubts, lies, and misgivings often flow.


Hebrews 4:15

Episode 18: Worship: We Become Like What We Behold

Worship at the heart level brings us into the presence of God. And when we are in His presence, we discover a fullness of joy, where we can truly get to know Him. Values begin to shift and our loves and affections begin to change—this is what true worship accomplishes.

Psalm 22:3

Episode 17: Confession Opens the Door to Transformation

When we confess our sin to God, we not only agree with God that something is wrong, but we agree with Him in the hope and power of forgiveness. It’s in this heart of confession that we are made ready for transformation. In the book of James we are exhorted to confess our sins to one another, choosing wise and godly brothers and sisters to help us face our sins and move beyond.

1 John 1:9   James 5:16 

Episode 16: Jesus, Prince of Peace

One of the healthy longings in a human being is to know inner peace.  And one of the descriptions of Jesus is The Prince of Peace. But to KNOW the peace of God, we need to BE at peace with God and others.  Being at peace with God and others is key to experiencing Jesus as the PERSON of peace.  In today’s episode of SageTalk, Al and Paul engage in a discussion on what of the most life-giving gifts Jesus offers to people from all walks of life, the gift of peace. 

Isaiah 9:6   Romans 5:1

Episode 15: Jesus: Emmanuel

Words matter because words have meaning.  When the “Word became flesh and dwelt among us,” we can take time to remember that the Son of God has many names.  Jesus.  Messiah.  Alpha and Omega.  One of the names we often think about is the name, Emmanuel, which means,  “God with us.”  What might God be telling us in this name?  It’s like God is saying, “I want to be with you.” Isn’t it true we spend time with people we love?  We were also created for love-relationship with God.  Today, Al and Paul return to the  metaphor of the “Grace Highway,” as they seek to help the believer enjoy being with God as we simultaneously travel the two lanes of heart-relationship and the Christian disciplines that posture us to know and enjoy fellowship with God.

Matthew 1:23

Episode 14: Al’s Story: A Mother’s Prayer

This is the deeply personal story of Al Henson’s life and ministry, from a mother’s prayer of dedication after hearing Billy Graham, to a young man yielding to God’s call, to a father walking the aisle and saying, “Son, I want to come back to Jesus.” This is the story of the beginning of Al’s 45 years in ministry.

Episode 13: Living a Life of Significance

Today’s episode deals with the classic contrast between success and significance.  While many pursue worldly success in order to feel significant, we consider how significance is rooted in valuing what God values most, people.  While Christ’s eternal act on the cross demonstrates how you are already significant, Al and Paul enter into a discussion on how Living a Life of Significance is both possible and soul-satisfying.

Ephesians 5:15-16, Psalms 90:12

Episode 12: Christmas and the Least of These

Jesus spoke about the Christian’s call to the “least of these” in Matthew 25.  Over time, Al and Paul have grown to understand the “least of these” are not only the poor and weak, but anyone in need. As Al and Paul have ministered to those in need, they’ve experienced great joy, seen hearts changed, and have experienced the manifest presence of God.  In today’s episode, we are inspired to step out of our comfort zones and experience Jesus as we join Him in loving and ministering to the broken all around us and around the world.

Matthew 25

Episode 11: Knowing God Part Two: Growing Down the Highway

Growing and knowing God is like a two-lane highway where we need to ride the middle line. On one side, is the preparation and softening of the heart and the other side is comprised of the Christian disciplines: Study God’s Word. Prayer. Fasting. Fellowship. Obedience.