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Episode 20: Suffering: Redemption Through Pain

When we are going through suffering, there are things God is redeeming within us that have an eternal purpose.  Seeing the power of God work through our lives has a personal redemptive impact, but it can also be a testimony that advances the kingdom, and it serves to glorify God by manifesting His essence. 

II Corinthians 4:17

Episode 19: Suffering: Does it Come with Instructions?

When we suffer, we need to know God is aware of our pain and He even feels our pain. God wants us to not isolate ourselves in our suffering, but to share our pain with others who love and care about us. So, we suffer with Jesus, we suffer with others, and, we suffer with hope…hope that death has no victory and we have the promise of eternal life. It’s important, too, to realize one of our most vulnerable times spiritually is when we are suffering: doubts, lies, and misgivings often flow.


Hebrews 4:15

Episode 18: Worship: We Become Like What We Behold

Worship at the heart level brings us into the presence of God. And when we are in His presence, we discover a fullness of joy, where we can truly get to know Him. Values begin to shift and our loves and affections begin to change—this is what true worship accomplishes.

Psalm 22:3

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